Craftsman Home Style

Most homes have a mix of styles and Craftsman is one home style we like to mix together in the custom homes we build. If you are looking for a craftsman style home let us know and our design team can begin working with you!

Traditional Home Style

We have built traditional homes for families for the past two decades. Without a doubt one of the most requested styles, mixing of a Traditional and Craftsmen are quite common as well.

Modern Home Styles

Modern Homes are becoming more and more popular. If you are looking for your home to have an open concept with symetrical lines and a ton of open light shining into your house than you are looking for a Modern Home!

How the team works for you

Once you are in the process we will update your online portal so that you have access to every single document that we have. We will also give you weekly updates and keep you informed of everything going on with the home.
Along the consultation process we will also move into the design collaboration and that is were our in house home design team begin laying out the plans you want for your new custom home. We will work side by side with you to figure out the design of your dream home.
The first step in the process of your custom home is beginning the consultation process. Through our consultations we can begin determining what kind of home you want built and designed. We use reference materials so that you can see and feel the material on hand and will even bring in paint so you know exactly what colors you are using!

Custom Home Features

Custom Garages

We offer a number of different styles of garages and can even offer you an underground location for your car to save space!

Outdoor and Exterior Solutions

Many of our homes have brought in completely custom built stone walls or even a pizza oven in the backyard! Work with our consultation team and we will build any special feature you want.

Green Solutions

We not only build green but we work with homes for habitat when we demolish homes to get them the supplies they need to accomplish their mission for a better future!

Home Control and Security

You can have access to your security system from anywhere that is connected to the cloud or even control the temperature of your home by logging into the interface on your phone!

Home Audio Systems

We can build you high end audio systems that include home theaters and a interface that you can run the entire audio system from your Ipad!

Customized Carpentry

If you are looking for a truly customized look we have the carpenters on hand to provide that, whether its customized entry way or the cabinets built into your kitchen.

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