The Way We Build – Custom Home Building

The Way We Build

Custom Home Building by Vancouver BuildersAt Vancouver Builders we strive to take into consideration all aspects of a custom home building – and the way we get there is by listening. We pride ourselves in listening to the vision of the home owner and to bring those ideas to the forefront of our conceptual ideas and through the process the finished product.  If the client needs to decide on a lot we help and guide the client to purchase the right property to build the exact type of house the client desires.  We have several meetings before the constructions to diligently to work through the custom design to design a home that bring the needs of the client into the design; this is the essence of custom design and we do a very good job of it.  Once the design is finalized and signed off, we start the construction process by being involved in the permit process and the complete custom home building or home renovation.

Full Custom Home Building

Vancouver Builders specializes in full custom builds.  This is the bread and butter of what we do and we pride ourselves in high quality workmanship that is done on time and on budget. Call us for more information.

Home Renovations

There are times when the home has enough value that it makes sense to design around and on the home in order to create something new from something old.  We pride ourselves in creating a new home that is built from the old structure to create value and livability in your new home.

Small Renovations & Laneway Homes

Vancouver Builders loves to take on all types of challenges whether this is a full custom build, a new kitchen, bathroom or a full laneway home – we would love to take on your new dream.

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